How do I make a purchase?
Simply add the items you wish to purchase into the shopping cart and after you clicked on 'Check Out', you will be directed to PayPal for payment. As simple as that!

What happens if I do not have an account with PayPal?
Fret not! You can still send in your orders to us via email ([email protected]) or by using the 'Contact' page.

Besides PayPal, what other forms of payment do you accept?
We also accept DBS/POSB Internet Banking or ATM Transfers.

What happens after my orders have been sent via email or 'Contact' page?
An invoice will be sent to your email. All payment must be made within 24 hours. Otherwise, item will be released.

Do you do meet-ups?
We currently do not offer meet-up services. 

Where are your products from?
Our products are sourced locally and overseas.